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Mercedes Benz Service A in Costa Mesa

Mercedes Benz Service A | Bimmer & Benz Specialists

Welcome to Bimmer and Benz Specialists – the premier Costa Mesa Mercedes Benz service and repair shop. When your Mercedes signals that it is time for Service A, it means your vehicle will undergo a combination of services and inspections. While Mercedes Service A can be performed by a Mercedes dealer, we recommend you bring your vehicle to Bimmer and Benz Specialists – we offer quality and convenience not available at the dealers.

All work performed at Bimmer and Benz carries a 36 months / 36,000 miles warranty – exceeding warranty offered by the local Mercedes dealers.

We follow Mercedes-recommended service intervals for your vehicle’s model and year. While your vehicle will let you know when it is time for the service, there are many variables involved in performing Service A.

Some items are a standard part of Mercedes Service A:

Mercedes-Benz Motor Oil Replacement: Clean oil means a happy engine, and long lived engine. Hence the importance of oil replacement – Mercedes requires oil replacement both with Service A and Service B. Naturally we not only replace the engine oil, but also replace the oil filter as well. At Bimmer and Benz we use Original Equipment quality parts or better.

Brake Inspection: During the Mercedes brake inspection we check the brake pads and rotors – and we also inspect the pistons, the brake lines, and we check all major components of your vehicle’s brake system. We looks for leaks, cracks and signs of unusual wear.

Tire Inflation: Tires inflated to manufacturer recommended pressure provide a comfortable ride, their lifespan is extended, and they improve gas mileage as well. We check the tire pressure, adjust it if needed. We also check your vehicle’s TPMS System (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) and adjust it if needed.

Final Step: When we complete Service A, we reset the Mercedes Maintenance System computer to start a new countdown – at this point it will be counting down to the Mercedes Service B.

In addition to the standard items listed above, Mercedes has a flowchart which shows what other inspections or services are to be performed, based on the mileage, previous services, and the age of the vehicle. That’s why it is not always possible to give you an exact list of what we will do, not until we actually get a look at the car. When in doubt, we will err on the side of caution, and do more, not less, to make sure your vehicle is ready for the road.

So when your Mercedes Benz needs Service A – bring it to Bimmer and Benz - we are Mercedes specialists who provide Mercedes service and quality equal, and often exceeding, that of the dealer, but without the dealer price tag.

So next time your Mercedes needs service, give us a call.

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