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First Mini Cooper left factory 60 years ago!

At Bimmer & Benz we are huge fans of the Mini Cooper. So we wish the MINI a Happy 60th Birthday. Indeed, MINI Cooper was introduced in August 1959. Originally built in Great Britain and sold there for £497, it became an instant classic. At first there were only two versions: Austin Seven and Morris Mini-Minor, which really did not differ much. MINI was designed to not only be fun to drive, but also to be fuel efficient. This was welcome news for the British drivers, as the 1957 Suez Canal crisis was fresh on their minds – and so were the fuel shortages it prompted. Today MINI offers a variety of styles, including Clubman, Countryman and MINI Cooper Convertible. Soon we will be able to buy an electric MINI. At Bimmer & Benz we work on all MINI models. Whether your MINI needs new brakes, is suffering from oil leaks, shocks and struts need to be replaced, or it simply needs oil service, we stand ready to take good care of your MINI. Simply give us a call, or ... read more

Automotive Service Quality and Value

Automotive Service Quality and Value

Does price really determine the value of a repair shop and its capability to properly repair and service your vehicle? I think NOT. The "why" of a business is critical to and determines the quality of services.  Looking for the best price in service business can work against quality of work. For example, do we really ask to find the cheapest surgeon to operate on us? Do we really ask to find the cheapest accountant to determine a business path? and so on, I think not. An auto repair shop is the same. Referral , reviews and engaging them and ask appropriate questions will determine their quality of work . At Bimmer and Benz Specialists, we are ASE Certified Master Technicians and have 30 years of experience working specifically on BMW, Mercedes Benz and Mini vehicles. We offer a 3 years 36,000 miles warranty, local shuttle service and loaner vehicles when available. If you’re looking for white glove service from an experienced shop please give us a call! We w ... read more

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